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Critically evaluate the consequences of the consumers increased Essay

Fundamentally assess the results of the customers expanded desire that news ought to be free for content makers, sponsors and buyers - Essay Example Appurtenant to the computerized transformation has been the radicalisation of correspondence modes, with the origin of talk rooms, email, texting and sites. Thusly these novel correspondence modes have reshaped social cooperation in the contemporary social structure inside the persistent development towards worldwide homogenous social ideal models and universal business systems (Volmer and Precourt, 2008). For sure, Volmer and Precourt (2008) allude to the remarks of a 2007 meeting with Nike VP Trevor Edwards, who remarked that â€Å"gone are the times of one shoe, one publicizing effort, Now you’ve got the opportunity to draw in purchasers on each level† (In Vomer and Precourt, 2008, p.2). A prime case of one of these levels is the instantaneousness of the interpersonal organization Twitter, which empowers prompt network with customers. All things considered, Comm et al feature that â€Å"businesses can outfit the promptness of Twitter to enhance and construct connections like never before† (2009, p.xiv). In any case, while the person to person communication marvel obviously empowers organizations an a lot more extensive degree of access to potential clients; the expansion in systems administration and shared data dispersal has prompted an expanded desire that news and substance ought to be free (Shimp, 2008; Gupta, 2009). Besides, the expansion in shopper control has prompted customers needing more data before buying and the accessibility of free data has prompted a desire with the expectation of complimentary substance (Volmer and Precourt, 2008). As needs be, the expanded purchaser control and desire for certain substance being free plainly impacts the customary technique for publicizing and showcasing because of changes in customer desire. For instance, business pioneer and Squidoo maker Seth Godin alludes to the way that shoppers are bound to be

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Diabetes Mellitus in the emergency services

Diabetes Mellitus in the crisis administrations Diabetes mellitus is one of the most well-known clinical issues influencing individuals today. There are two sorts of diabetes. The first is type one, it is regularly alluded to as adolescent diabetes or insulin subordinate diabetes. Patients with this sort of diabetes are regularly determined to have the turmoil from the get-go throughout everyday life except in uncommon events it very well may be analyzed as late as forty years old. Individuals with type one diabetes make up somewhere in the range of ten and 20% all things considered. Men are likewise increasingly normal to be determined to have type one diabetes. While it isn't completely realized why individuals create diabetes it is realize that it is a hereditary issue and can be passed down from age to age. Individuals with kin with this issue increment there possibility of creating type one diabetes by six percent. The explanation it is regularly called insulin subordinate diabetes is on the grounds that the body doesn't shap e any insulin from the beta cells of the pancreas, so there for the patient need to make day by day insulin efforts to keep their glucose low. Type two diabetes is regularly alluded to as grown-up beginning diabetes or non-insulin subordinate diabetes and make up the staying eighty to 90% of diabetics. Patients with this type of the turmoil frequently have some sort of insulin creation by the beta cells in the pancreas yet simply don't deliver enough to keep up in their body. Likewise now and again the patients builds up a kind of insulin obstruction where their body doesn't utilize the insulin that in normally delivered by their body accurately or productively. Much of the time this sort of diabetes can be constrained by a severe eating routine or utilization of oral meds. The eating routine of a patient with type two diabetes regularly incorporates organic products, vegetables, entire grains and low-fat dairy items. Patients with type two diabetes what to evade high measures of su gars, trans-fats and sodium. At the point when a patient eats a lot of calories and fat, their body at that point causes a spike in their blood glucose level. Type two diabetes can now and again likewise be turned around with exercise to lose overabundance weight. Individuals with relatives with type two diabetes have a ten to fifteen percent expanded danger of building up this issue. Two kinds of issues emerge with diabetes. Once in a while the patients blood glucose level is excessively high and now and then it is excessively high. At the point when it is too low it is call hypoglycemia. A patient is typically resolved to be experiencing hypoglycemia when their blood glucose level is beneath 60mg/dL. At the point when the body is in a condition of hypoglycemia the body naturally eases back insulin creation and expands glucagon creation by alpha cells. As a rule hypoglycemia in both kind one and type to diabetics is expected to over drug of infused insulin. It can likewise be brought about by exercise, hunger and liquor utilization. After some time the pancreases capacity to create glucagon is some of the time diminished creation it harder to raise blood glucose levels during hypoglycemia. At the point when a patient has a high blood glucose level it is called hyperglycemia. A patient is generally considered hyperglycemic if their blood glucose level is over 300 mg/dL. Hyperglycemia happens on the grounds that the body can't create insulin to advance take-up of glucose from the cells. There are two sub-sorts of hyperglycemia. The first is diabetic ketoacidosis or DKA. This kind of hyperglycemia is frequently found in patients with type one diabetes in light of the fact that DKA happens when there is almost no insulin in the body causing the blood glucose level to take off. It tends to be brought about by untreated sort one diabetes or overabundance glycogen creation because of stress. Patients in DKA frequently present with a blood glucose level above 350mg/dL. Because of the absence of insulin the body at that point utilizes fats as metabolic powers and ketoacidosis is created. The other sort of hyperglycemia is called hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic trance like state. This happens regularly in patients with type two diabetes. Since patients with type two diabetes despite everything produce some insulin, not at all like in DKA the bo dy is as yet ready to move sugar into the cells and not need to utilize the greasy tissue from the body. Patients encountering hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic trance state as a rule have blood glucose levels of 600 or more. Diabetes largy affects pre clinic crisis medication on the grounds that frequently when individuals are having hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic crises paramedics are the first to treat these patients. In some cases when paramedics are dispatched to these calls the guest may not recognize what is actually amiss with the patient. Patients in a hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic emergency may introduce in an assortment of ways. The key with these sorts of patients is to keep a high record of doubt. Like recently expressed patients having diabetic issues may introduce in an assortment of ways. Patients experiencing hypoglycemia will regularly give craving, queasiness and shortcoming. Because of poor cardiovascular yield of the body the patient will regularly give a fast and feeble heartbeat. The patient will likewise give seizures or little jerks. In conclusion the most well-known manifestation is modified mental status. The patient can introduce in absolute obviousness, sluggishness, disarray or even irritated and brutal. Change in mental status normally accompanies a speedy beginning on the grounds that once the body is insulin denied the cerebrum is the main body structure to endure on the grounds that the mind utilizes glucose as a vitality source. At the point when the patient present with the adjusted mental status it can impersonate numerous different conditions. The patient can look as though the person is inebriated on account of their absence of coordination and distur bed disposition. They are now and then so confrontational that it might be hard to viably evaluate them. Hypoglycemia can likewise copy a stroke. Because of its impact on the sensory system the patient may give shortcoming on one side for no obvious explanation. Finally the patient may introduce like an individual encountering epileptic seizures. The seizures are additionally an aftereffect of the cerebrums absence of glucose. These seizures can be numerous types; they can be full body fantastic batter seizures or incomplete seizures that lone influence certain pieces of the body. It is significant that paramedics indentify that these indications are basic side effects of hypoglycemia and treat the genuine issue effectively. Patients who are encountering hyperglycemia have some comparable side effects to hypoglycemia yet in addition recognizing side effects that are unique. One of the distinctive gatherings of manifestations is the polys. These side effects incorporate polyuria, polydipsia and polyphagia. Polyuria is characterized as abundance pee, polydipsia is extraordinary thirst and in conclusion polyphagia is the inclination of outrageous craving. Like patients encountering hypoglycemia these patients will give tachycardia and modified LOC. One side effect that is explicit to DKA is kussmaul breaths with fruity smell to their breath. This sort of breathing is the point at which the patient had quick and profound breaths. The purpose behind this is on the grounds that the body is separating fats because of the absence of insulin the body goes into a condition of metabolic acidosis. The profound breaths is the bodys approach to brush off carbon dioxide to make the body more alkolidic and return the bodys pH level to ordinary. The patient will likewise give a fruity smell on their breath while encountering DKA. This is because of the ketones being separated in the body. HHNCs just distinctive factor is the absence of kussmaul breaths and the fruity breath smell. Numerous social and moral issue can and do emerge while treating patients with this condition. One social issue is that this issue happens frequently with destitute and extemporized people. This is on the grounds that they are frequently not ready to get the best possible prescriptions and furthermore not eat legitimate suppers to keep their glucose at an ordinary level. Likewise these kinds of patients are here and there known to drink liquor and avoid dinners. The mix of ailing health and liquor utilization will make diabetes decline altogether. One social and moral issue is seeing through the manifestations that occasionally show other clinical issues and verifying that the patient is experiencing a diabetic crisis. Patients now and then present indistinguishably from how an individual who is seriously inebriated would. These patients can regularly be impolite and vicious. It could be anything but difficult to botch a hypoglycemic patient with an inebriated individual and have the police transport them to the prison while never acquiring a BGL check to decide the genuine issue. This slip-up could cause the patient further inside injury and even demise. The key with these sorts of patients is to keep a high list of doubt. Ultimately a typical moral issue is when to let these sorts of patients decline care. Intermittently EMS will show up and treat the patients manifestations and take them back to their ordinary condition of awareness. For some patients it isn't the first run through the salvage crew has needed to react to their home to turn around their hypoglycemia and don't see a need to go the clinic. The paramedic should attempt to persuade the patient that they ought to go to the medical clinic and disclose to them the dangers of rejecting care, however on the off chance that they despite everything decline and are alert and situated the paramedic needs to regard their choice to deny care and report the occasion in like manner. One positive thing about experiencing a patient with hypoglycemia prehospitaly is that this issue is typically effortlessly turned around. While treating hypoglycemia you need to first asses the patients Airway, breathing and flow. Patients in hypoglycemia may have diminished breaths so helping ventilation with a BMV might be important. In the event that the patient is breathing at a typical rate they ought to have oxygen direct to them by means of a nasal canula or non-rebreather to battle hypoxia. When ABCs are taken consideration a blood glucose perusing should be gotten from the patients finger to affirm that the patient is in fact encountering hypoglycemia. In the event that the patients BGL is underneath 60mg/dL firs

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Project-based Learning What It Is and How It Benefits Students

Project-based Learning What It Is and How It Benefits Students (11) Project-based learning has proven to be one of the most effective ways to engage students and provide a practical application for what they’re learning.  Rachelle Dene Poth shares her insights into what project-based learning looks like, and how it helps students master key skills as they complete each project. Read on for some tips and helpful information! Project-based learning (PBL) is something that I have been trying to integrate into my classes more over the past few years. I started thinking about alternate ways to enable students to: produce authentic assessments, create and study something that was interesting and engaging for them, and provide some real-world learning experiences. Project-based learning not only provides opportunities for students to collaborate or drive their own learning, but it also teaches them skills such as problem solving, and helps to develop additional skills integral to their future, such as critical thinking and time management. And maybe more importantly, it provides students with an opportunity to create authentic projects which are personal and meaningful to them. Students have the chance to pursue their own interests and as a result, opportunities for learning for students and teachers are tremendous. SUPPORTING ALL STUDENTS As a foreign language teacher, I need to assess my students in a variety of ways on a regular basis. As we all know, not every person learns the same way or has the same interests. In terms of assessment, some students can learn the material really well, but when a traditional test is given, their information and knowledge somehow disappears. When this first happened in my classes, I began looking more at ways to assess my studentsâ€"but to provide assessments which led to more authentic and personalized work. I wanted to provide an equal opportunity for students to achieve success in showing what they know (and can do) with the information that they have learned. A great way to do this is through project-based learning. There are an increasing number of tools available for use in the classroom that enable students to have a choice and be creative, while also learning valuable technology skills for their future. These tools give students options for showing what it is they have learned and can do with the material, but in a way that is comfortable and relevant and meets their interests and needs. Most importantly, the students have choices and this makes a huge difference. BENEFITS OF USING DIGITAL TOOLS FOR PBL The options provide students with a variety of choices for showing their creativity, make learning more meaningful, and students become more engaged in what they are doing. Students can focus on an area of personal interest and decide how to show what they have learned and can do, in a way that is meaningful and engaging. Many tools are available, both on the web and as apps, that serve to engage, motivate, and inspire students to learn more. The benefit of using web tools for PBL is twofold. First, students can create something vibrant, engaging, and meaningful because they have chosen their area of interest, put their personal touches on it and, as a result, attach the content material with what they have created. They then retain the information better because they have created something for a real world experience. It also teaches them the vital technology skills that they need moving forward, and gives them skills that can be used in other classes, and for their future. Learning to create multimedia presentations, to problem solve, think critically, quickly access resources, and communicate with others helps to empower students, and give them more control in their learning and growth process. We want to empower our students in their learning. PAPER OR DIGITAL, PBL BENEFITS EVERYONE There are many options available for implementing and producing evidence of project-based learning, whether it be in the traditional paper format style or through technology. Either way, giving students the opportunity to create a project to evidence their learning is beneficial. It not only leads to authentic products and meets the students where they are, but also gives them an opportunity to express themselves in unique ways, because it is more personalized and pertinent to their needs and interests. PBL leads to a more student-centered classroom and provides opportunities for students to learn from one another. It also enables the teacher to become more of a facilitator, and in addition to learning about the students, it reinforces the student-centered classroom, where students are empowered in their learning.

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Aids and Role of Youths to Create Awarness - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 690 Downloads: 4 Date added: 2017/09/21 Category Advertising Essay Type Argumentative essay Topics: AIDS (HIV) Essay Competition Essay Did you like this example? AIDS AND ROLE OF YOUTHS TO CREATE AWARNESS ABOUT AIDS AMONG PEOPLE most commonly AIDS is called as silent killer, The main reason for AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) is HIV (Human Immuno Defiency virus). when this virus enters our body, immediately changes into RNA, and then spreads quickly. After that it starts to destroy the white blood corpuscles. Because of this our resistance towards diseases gets decreased. actually thr is an difference between aids and hiv.. that is, the final stage of the hiv virus is called aids,at this stage the human body cannot withstand even an ordinary cold. In the year 1996 according to the survey, about 5000 persons per day were affected by AIDS in the whole world. In 1996, it was also discovered that the virus can be controlled to a certain extent. The survey in 2002, says that about 3. 97 millions of people are suffering from this disease in India. many thinks that the virus spreads when we shake hands or eat together or kiss t he affected persons or even use their clothes or even through musquito bites.. but 100% it is not possible.. becoz it is not an communicable disease. it can be transmitted only by the following modes: 1. Unprotected hetero contact. 2. Injection which is used without sterlising after using for HIV/aIDS affected person. 3. when we use the Blood of HIV affected person. 4. From the pregnant lady who is affected of AIDS to the child or through milk feeding. and the Symptoms may be: 1. Loss of 10% or more body weight 2. Fever of unknown origin 3. Pneumonia, brain tumours, unremitting diarrhea, swelling of lymph glands. then i ll speak about the Role of youth in HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention: Todays youth is going to build tomorrows future. we build the nation and we together build the world. Each one has their own responsibility in building a healthy world. Because of the scientific inventions many diseases are eradicated many can be cured but still there are certain exceptions like HIV virus which threatens the whole world. If every one follows a small concept A,B,C,D,E then we would easily eradicate the killer virus.. ie: A-Awareness among the family youth should create awareness about HIV in their family, because when the family realizes the importance of eradication of HIV, then the society will realize and then the nation will realize and finally all together the world will realize the importance of eradicating this virus. People of the whole world will be aware and take preventive measures. B-Being Self controled youth should understand their problems clearly. They should have self control and they should be motivated to concentrate on good aspects of life. They should have awareness about the preventive measures of HIV. C-Conducting competition and exhibition Youth should take the responsibility in conducting various types of competition and exhibitions in various schools, colleges regarding the awareness and prevention of HIV. D-DRAMA Students o f the college must be encouraged by their teachers and they should e taken to the rural areas, schools other educational institutions, offices etc. to conduct street plays to bring about the awareness among the people and the people should be thought clearly the preventive methods, symptoms, methods of testing the HIV virus and also the facilities provided by the government to the HIV affected. People must be given awareness in their vernacular language. E-Extending their support to the HIV affected person Youth have to discharge their responsibility of meeting the HIV affected peoples and giving them self-confidence and also encourage them to engage in some activities in which they are interested. I finally conclude that : HIV affected peoples can live to the maximum of 10 to 15 years. This period can be extended if they live happily. Only way to make them happy is to treat them as normal persons. india is in 42nd place in developing country 56th place in HDI but 2nd place in A IDS in the world. this situation can be changed only by the younths,becoz todays youths is tommrows future. finally i thank the management for giving me a youthful chance for creating an awarness among the students. Thanks a lot Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Aids and Role of Youths to Create Awarness" essay for you Create order

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Comparing Socrates And Descartes On The Proof Of Existence...

Comparison between Socrates and Descartes on the proof of existence of God. Socrates is who established ancient philosophy with Plato and Aristotle. His philosophy effects Western system of philosophy. He was born BC 470 in Athens and his father was a sculptor and his mother was midwife. He focuses teaching other people that philosophical argument in his life. He doesn’t want material for teaching because he doesn’t have material greed. His goals are verifying the oracle, question our belief, and test our concepts. He use dialogue Question and Answer for achieve philosophical answer. First, he placed great significance giving question per se. He asks to his disciples that what is the justice, what is the pious and impious and what is the difference between precisions to temerity. It is for that they can find answer themselves through answering. Second, Socrates tries to aware self-ignorance. He says, â€Å"Know thyself.† People called he is the wisest person, but he says he does not know anything. Third, his philosophy has strong ethica l aspects. He was identified with virtue and knowledge to think, when performed correctly, finally found out what is right. In order to pursue the best line is that people will realize what a true virtue. Finally, his thinking has the choice that is to be interpreted as a political ideology. He is summoned by the Court in Athens, accused of corrupting the youth and not believing the 12 ancient Greek God’s and Goddesses’. He is ultimatelyShow MoreRelatedThe Existence Of God Is A Delusion1757 Words   |  8 PagesDawkins, once said that the concept of God is a â€Å"delusion† and that it is â€Å"something people believe in despite a total lack of evidence.† I disagree with Dawkin’s statement as the existence of God can be proved by the existence of evil as one cannot exist without the other. I believe that the existence of evil proves that God exists as it was this argument that led former atheist; the Chronicles of Narnia author C.S. Lewis, to bel ieve in the existence of God- â€Å"I believe in Christianity as I believeRead MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pages................................................................................ 25 What is the Issue?................................................................................................................................. 28 What is a Proof?.................................................................................................................................... 30 Indicators ...................................................................................................

Language and linguistic knowledge Free Essays

Morocco’s geographical location as a bridge between Europe and Africa, and as a home for Arab, Amazing, Andalusia, African and Jewish cultures, make of the country a place of considerable linguistic diversity. In this article, this diversity will be approached from a personal perspective, unsparingly as a result of reading Chapter 7 â€Å"Language in Society’ in â€Å"Introduction to Language†. Geographically speaking, spoken all over Morocco, there are tens of dialects descendents of Arabic and Amazing languages. We will write a custom essay sample on Language and linguistic knowledge or any similar topic only for you Order Now The Arabic dialects range from the Hosannas’ dialect spoken In the Southern Sahara Regions, through the different colloquial Arabic dialects of regions like Marshes and Fez, to the Arabic spoken in the Northern Regions close to Spain. Similarly, Amazing language gives rise to many dialects and sub dialects, specifically Tasteless In the Souses Region, Taming in the High Atlas and Tariff In the North. These regional dialects do not have definite boundaries (etiologies) among them, but certainly overlap to form a dialect continuum. Moroccan speakers of all this disparity of dialects seem to reach a minimum of mutual intelligibility. In cases where they fail to, they resort to the modern Moroccan Colloquial Arabic (Dare) as their lingua franca. Importantly these regional dialects exhibit linguistic differences on different levels. At the phonological level there Is a vowel deletion In the Hosannas’ dialect for verbs following pronoun ‘You†. Kilt (you have eaten) or jilt (you have come) are uttered as kilt and Jilt in other dialects of Arabic. At the Phonetic level, the Arabic speakers of the North uses q; while that of the middle regions use g as in CUL (say) and gull especially. At the lexical level, Tasteless and other Amazing dialects show many disparities. Head in Tasteless is said Agway, sashays in Taming and carry in Tariff. Besides the aforementioned dialects, most Moroccan use French and therefore are bilinguals. Amazing language, although a national language declared recently, has not gained satisfactory public and political support. Code-switching Is as a result usual from Arabic or Amazing to French. Arabic speakers and Amazing may respectively say wring la presence dialogue f terrain; militarily la presence nun GHz rain (show me your presence on the ground). Extensively, Moroccan use borrowing from French or English when they speak. An Arabic speaker may say hall these Believable dalai . Behavior Is here borrowed from English and It becomes subject to the Arabic definite article I instead of the. 1 OFF Linguistic variation in Morocco is not defined by geography only. Although it is hard to describe social dialects in Morocco in term of social classes as society does not show clear stratification, there is presence of different speech varieties pertaining to arioso social groups. These are defined on the basis of gender, age or religion. Young generation, especially in urban areas appear to develop different speech variations as a result of the influence of the widespread media and new telecommunication means. Words like shrill (threaten) or aqua (money) are to make most people frown on. Religious groups, particularly the total (Koran scholars) have developed Jargon’s which they are the only ones to understand. As regard gender, Moroccan women seem to use a slightly different language to men. This is due to the revealing social attitudes and cultural expectations reinforcing more conversational decency among females than males. A woman would not generally be expected to make requests without using Allah kill (please) or ‘ram walked (God bless you). Honestly, a warning is that the previous analysis of the linguistic variation in Morocco should not be considered as any reference since it is a personal reflection based on very limited individual knowledge. Nevertheless, it is an invitation for a thoroughly scientific and linguistic research which can be of a reference value for linguists in Morocco and beyond. How to cite Language and linguistic knowledge, Essays

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Jesus Spoke Of It, Kahlil Gibran Wrote About It, Mahatma Ghandi Demons

Jesus spoke of it, Kahlil Gibran wrote about it, Mahatma Ghandi demonstrated about it, The Beatles sang about it and most importantly is has been shown through the ages by humble deeds - Peace that is. The way to peace is through love. Love cannot be forced and it cannot be found through sloth therefore for peace to flourish it must be wanted and acted upon accordingly by the people who will grow under it. However to have peace there must be only peace, it cannot be interrupted by acts of violence or aggression and it especially cannot exist when those who are supposedly working for it also engage in violent acts on the side. In other words pacifism is the only way to achieve peace. Catholicism supports pacifism but it also supports the Just-War Theory which is a set of rules that must be followed to make a war just. It includes: a just cause- war must confront a real and certain danger, competent authority- war must be declared by those responsible for public order, there must be right intentions and it must be a last resort. It is unclear how anyone could call themselves a Christian and fight in wars at the same time when in the Ten Commandments it clearly states "Thou shalt not kill". That phrase is alone, it is not followed by a list of exceptions and loop holes to the commandment. Next, Jesus, the founder of Christianity, said to "do unto others as you would have then do unto you". If a person is of sane mind that person does not wish to die therefore killing deliberately breaks Jesus' rule. Not only does being a Christian and fighting wars break simple rules of the faith but if you are a true believer in Christianity it is also absurd. What is the purpose of a so-called just war? To stop an immediate danger that threatens safety and peace and to protect but what do Christians have to protect and guard against when they believe that their kingdom is not of this Earth? If the Christian kingdom is with their god in the afterlife what kingdom that resides only on Earth could they possibly justify killing to protect? Or perhaps it is protecting their own and other lives. Although did Jesus protect his own life when Judas came to betray him? No, infact according to the Bible when an apostle drew a sword to protect Jesus' life Jesus stopped him and healed the wounded soldier. Furthermore what would be protected here on Earth when it is the Christian belief that the soul is the most important part. Should Christians act in a way that would hurt souls and save minds and bodies o r act in a way that saves souls but leaves minds and bodies to die? Perhaps waging war to stop a threat such as Nazi's from overtaking the world because in doing so they would destroy peace and love along with Christianity. The only argument that can be made for pacifism here is that if you are a Christian you are to have faith that your god will protect you especially if you are following your faith in spite of the fact that is might get you and many others killed. In the end war is not peace and the two cannot both exist at the same time. It is one or the other. John Lennon made the statement "All you need is love" which is so simple yet so hard to follow and see. Peace and love have become almost interchangeable with each other because they are so very much alike. With peace there is inner contentment and with love there is benevolence, kindness and fraternity toward all life. The two forms compliment each other in such a way that it is either not possible to have one without the other or it is just foolish to have only one. This being said it is true that pacifism is the only way to have peace because peace and love are so close yet war is the opposite of peace so it cannot logically be reasoned that war is close to peace. John Lennon's statement could just have easily been "All